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Hermes is taking extraordinary excellence, extreme gorgeous design concept, service to those full of confidence kjxbvjhcbv and determined and natural and unrestrained man, they demanded rigorous, adhere to the best things to enjoy life, enjoy high quality leather, high quality buy hermes of the material, clipping perfect trousers. Comfortable and the original spirit, dont go along with the trends, not sedulous express their love MaShi Hermes is the pursuit. Hermes limited edition mini Dennis bergkamp bag In September 2010, handicraft family Hermes will they leather passion to China of Shanghai, show a period of unprecedented leather art legend. When Hermes to demonstrate the generation of high-quality goods collection leather, depicted leather poetic and light, and the share of a refreshing leather the story behind. Designed for the „sewing time”–love MaShi leather exhibition in Shanghai, China launched the limited edition mini platinum bag will also be in love MaShi stores sold in limited. The legendary color of edition of set limit to female bag, will be MaShi love with leather affection between the best explanation. French actress named Jane? Platinum (Jane Birkin) of Hermes Birkin Bag Dennis bergkamp Bag, the design of the original intention in order to satisfy the modern women in work and life of the need, so capacity is big, easy to place documents, suitable for boarding travel. Birkin Bag Bag Dennis bergkamp available soon, and with its easy to supplement and full of fashionable feeling, the function is strong and elegant chic is famous the world over. This kind of love MaShi saddle bags by deduce and the Birkin Bag Bag to Dennis bergkamp, natural and unrestrained agile three flake cover bags free and easy and do not break refined. The soft bag with hard bag style, three different kinds of small size, all kinds of selected leather and tonal form the thousands of change, enough to make women to carry the bags all dream. Perhaps because of this, for a half century, Hermes Birkin Bag Bag has been many beauties Dennis bergkamp ladies of yearning goal, silently convey a love MaShi this has a long history of more than 170 years, delicate and elegant brand on the understanding of the romantic.