Cracow – the city of legends

The first mention of Cracow comes from the 965 year. Due to relations of medieval chronicler Ibrahim Ibn Jakub about slavic lands, he mentions there about picturesque city between woods.Nowadays, we know this city of the biggest medieval european market square (4 ha) with its atractions, such like sukiennice (medieval Town Hall) where you can buy regional souvenirs, the majestatic Town Hall and one of the oldest stone churches in Poland – the Church of St. Adalbert (Church of St. Wojciech) at the south-eastern corner of the market square. First, the Church was built according to Romanian architecture (it was built in 11th century), than it was reconstructed in the Baroque style. The history of this building is associated with a legendary medieval martyr, St. Adalbert. The legend says about the redemption of St. Adalberts body, stolen by Prussians. They promised to return his corpse back for a silver – certainly such amount as his weight. During weighing a great miracle happened. Body of the saint became extremely light, so the duke could take it back in a “discount” price…After visiting of the Church, take a look on the left side. There youll see the brick Gothic church – its St. Marys Basilica, with its two 80 metres high towers. One of them is taller than other because of the other medieval legend about two brothers. Are you curious of it…? Its a small part of the legends and stories associated with this magical place. Cracow people willingly tell you about it, theyre proud of the historical polish capital (until 1795 year) and its rich history. They have a reason to be proud of it – Cracow was and will always be cultural capital and important center. If youre interested in visiting us, please be welcome in our Royal Hotel Cracow and feel here like home – in our comfortable, cosy rooms youll get the amazing chance to feel like a cracovian burgher.