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After 160 years of wind and rain vicissitudes of life, Hermes love MaShi family through several generations of kjxbvjhcbv common try to make it one of the brand name was born. Early in the 20 century comes, Hermes love MaShi became the typical representative of the French luxury consumer goods. In the 1920 s, the founders MaShi eyres grandson hermes watches of Emile had so the evaluation love MaShi brand: „leather products make movement and grace of a tradition.” Hermes love MaShi just of the city of Paris for a special carriage making all sorts of matching the delicate adornment harness store, in 1885 the Paris exhibition held every year, Hermes love MaShi won the first prize of such products. Since then, the son of Hermes love MaShi amir Charles to build brand shop, production sales saddle and items, and began to retail business. With the motor vehicles appearance and development, Hermes love MaShi start over, its superb production process used in the production of other products, such as Hermes purse, Hermes MaShi love traveling bags, Hermes love MaShi handbag, Hermes love MaShi watch belt, and some sports such as Hermes love MaShi golf, Hermes love MaShi polo, Hermes love MaShi hunting for the auxiliary equipments, but also design and production of high-grade sportswear. Hermes love MaShi brand all products are choose the best advanced materials, pay attention to craft adornment, detail exquisite, with its excellent quality to win a good reputation. In the history of MaShi Hermes love, and blockbuster news time together, and it is the prince of wales in 1920 for the design and chain golf jacket, become the 20 th century leather garment design of success. Hermes MaShi love the fourth generation successor let · cover lang and Laura Albert DiMa, in its leather products on the basis of the development and MaShi Hermes love perfume, Hermes love MaShi head and pasted on new category, to the s, the constant development and expansion of the Hermes love MaShi company have all kinds of fashion and perfume etc. Product.