replica Longines Watches

Thousands of tens of thousands to buy a watch, even to give as gifts is to choose a cost-effective, practical watch brands, many gkufyhgvhc people see it is the actual travel time accuracy. Table replica Longines Watches machine to go when the sound is balanced, clear and no noise, which can only watch no mechanical failure, could not explain his value. I teach you how to identify the quality of the watch. 1, first check the appearance of the watch watch appearance can be checked from the shell, table mirror, dial and second hand. Case there should be no trachoma and scratches, angular symmetry; back cover and on the shell of the rotary joint office should be tight; two Longines Watches replica tables ring with the case of equidistant holes of the mounting ears Juan should be in case the location of pin the tail center or favor, and the depth of the hole appropriate, easy to fall off the table ring; table mirror should be no defects and scratches, transparent light; three-pin is installed Tissot Watches correctly, should have the correct security clearance between the needle and needle, table, mirror and dial; dial and pointer coating finish, no scar, dial scale lines or luminous points; 2 check watches pointers hands and table mirror, dial between three needles should be maintain a certain distance, or each other replica Tissot Watches to produce grazing affect the normal operation of the printer. The check can be observed through the dial needle. The hour and minute hands position and interaction of the normal way to check is: will be appropriated for the minute hand and hour of 3:00, 9:00, observe whether the two needles at right angles; appropriated 6:00, two needle into a straight line; appropriated 12:00 whether the two injections Tissot Watches replica coincidence. check the sensitivity of the watch watch the sensitivity is that the flexibility of its balance wheel. Can be seen the following areas: First of all, stop walking watch gently shaking, note that at this time the watch is not on the winding, we need to observe the second hand move with the outside forces: if the second hand within a very short period of time to stop walking, it can only watch the full winding completed all come to identify the result is high sensitivity; contrary, it is not high sensitivity or printer failure.